Your business deserves the best possible team.

Waiting for the crisis before you begin the recruiting process is not the answer. 

Connecting with great candidates as they arise increases the chance you'll know exactly who to call when a position becomes available.

This ongoing approach to recruitment is not new (we've been doing this for many years with our HealthyPeople site), what is new is the combination of Candidate Promotion and Talent Communities.

As an employer, you can tap into Talent Communities that best reflect the type of staff you're looking for. You can also advertise jobs specifically to the members of your desired Talent Communities.

Register for free to... 

  • Connect with one Talent Community
  • Advertise jobs for free to your connected Talent Community
  • Create a public job ad for $75 (any registered professional can apply)

For $99.00 a month (inc GST) you can...

  • Connect with multiple Talent Communities
  • Advertise jobs publicly at no extra charge

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